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Hello there, you have found me..

Little do you know that I might be exactly what you have been longing and looking for. 
Let me introduce myself. I was born in a beautiful European town by the ocean. I have had the privilege to have lived a life filled with travels, adventures and amazing people. My journey continued when I moved to Canada to further my education. My education and eagerness to continuously learn new thing gives me the ability to hold an intellectual and vibrant conversation with almost anyone. My Ray of positivity and love of life is infectious, which, along with my beauty is known to turn heads. I am a well dressed, well spoken, tasteful woman with a hint of clumsiness and wit. At first I might display pure confidence with a touch of boldness, but truly my best qualities include kindness, empathy,  respect and integrity. Some people say I may come across serious on my website - but I am quite the opposite. I always laughing and smiling, and always down for a good time. My secret skills go beyond seduction and include being amazing at Mario Cart, Mixology and cartwheels.  I can ballroom dance but also possess quite impressive pole dance moves. I am a horrible singer and even worse at cooking. 
My free spirited self believes in the indulgence of every moment life gives us.
Life is too short not to make some mistakes, have that chocolate cake or to book that girl.

When I started in this business I was clueless about of how positively it would affect my life. I get to meet and spend unforgettable time with the smartest, kindest and genuine people, whom I get to share fun, intimate and adventurous moments with. It allows me to share my absolute passion for dining, travelling and sensual adventures.
My preference is longer meetings where we create a truly profound connection. I am longing to be your best kept secret, your muse you look forward to escaping to, that allows you a break of any worries and responsibilities. 
When I am with you, all my attention and affection will be directed to you - doing anything in my power to provide you with pure comfort and ease. I am always passport ready and ecstatic when any suitors choose me to be their travel companion. You are hard working and deserve the finest things in life. You might be craving a discrete get-away, a sexy meeting in a hotel room, the rush of a date filled with passion and perfection, someone to make you fantasies come true or maybe just someone to spend a relaxing evening with. Well, I think you found  exactly that - and her name is April.

Find me at the Four Seasons sipping Martinis or in the dungeon - call me one sided - I dare you.


Height 5'7" | Age 20s | Hair Blonde| Eyes Green | Figure Womanly, All Natural  | Education University | Languages English, German, basic French






Maison Boulud

Le Club Chasse et Pêche




Extra dirty martini 
Sauvignon Blanc
Cabernet Sauvignon
Laurent Perrier Rose 
Moet Ice and Brut
Veuve Cliquot Brut
Dom Perignon

Yellow Roses

Scented Candles 

Dark Chocolate



What they say

As we emailed I fell in love with her attitude. She's a modern-day geisha. All about the art of pleasure and not jaded at all, she is positive and happy and a great communicator. She is serious about being professional, getting back to you right away, taking the time to answer questions, being very accurate and polite.
We were at a 5-star hotel and she blended right in at the restaurant or lobby. You can also tell what a person is like in how they treat others- she was always so polite to the waitstaff and always grateful for everything.


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