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I am officially taking clients again.

I am reducing how many clients I am seeing and making sure each of them is rigorously screened (In terms of symptoms, health, work environment, etc). My main priority is to keep us all as safe as possible. Every part of my Incall will be perfectly sanitized. I ask you to respect me enough to answer all my COVID related questions honestly. If you experience any symptoms (even if the day of the date) CANCEL! All cancellation fees are waved. 



Before we meet:

It is of high importance to me how you  communicate with me over E-mail. If you want to book an appointment with me, I appreciate E-mails with all the essential information I require to book a date (fill out form here). I do not want to exchange 50 e-mails for an one hour appointment if I am trying to chase you for essential information, I am sure you don't want to either. If you have any questions please feel open to ask. Communication is very important to me and I am open to all questions.

When we meet:

I am very busy and might have plans after you leave, so please respect my time and arrive punctual. If you arrive late I might sadly not be able to extend our date, and you will loose precious time.

Please leave my little present in an unsealed envelope on my counter when you arrive. 


Cleanliness is very important to me. I will always be freshly showered, well put together and with my nails done when you meet me. I expect you to take a shower when you arrive, even if you already have. I have all you need at my place, so you just have to bring yourself.
The biggest turn on for me is if you are a gentlemen.
I promise you, if you treat me well, I will treat you even better.

I understand things come up and I am very understanding. But if you cancel after 12 hours before our date, I require a 50% deposit.
If I, due to serious circumstances only, have to cancel, I will provide you with 30 extended minutes at our next date, or a discount on your next donation.

This might be a lot of text but if I can summarize, please be a clean, respectful gentlemen :)

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