Girlfriend Experience

Intimacy goes beyond sex, it is the enjoyment and indulgence in each others company. 


a little taste (1h) - 400

An introduction (1.5h) - 580

A preferred introduction (2h) - 750

Drinks and play (3h) - 1100

Dinner and dessert (4h) -1400

6 course meal (6h) -  2000


a little taste (1h) - 450

An introduction (1.5h) - 680

A preferred introduction (2h) - 800

Drinks and play (3h) - 1200

Dinner and dessert (4h) -1400

6 course meal (6h) -  2200


Pornstar Experience and Kink

My outgoing and sexual personality is multifunctional, giving me the confidence and ability to explore every inch of your desires. Completing a dominatrix training with Empress Mystique (one of the most prestige doms in Canada), has allowed me to truly find my inner sexuality and desires - now let's find yours.  

Please include in your message to me what exactly you are looking for. 


tease of my wild side (1h) 450
let us get to know each other better  (1.5h) 650
complete wild side (2h)  800
let me fullfill all your fantasies (3h) 1200


tease of my wild side (1h) 500
let us get to know each other better  (1.5h) 750
complete wild side (2h)  900
let me fullfill all your fantasies (3h) 1300


A true Escape

spend the night or day (12h): 2500

an entire night and day (24h): 4000

a weekend (48h): 6000

every extra day : 2000

Travelling is an absolute passion of mine, and I would love nothing more than explore this with you.

I require a 25% deposit for all travel bookings. Please take care of all expenses including flights. I require 7 hours of sleep each night, as well as 1 hour private time.

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Virtual Girlfriend

In todays current situation it is normal to get frustrated and crave distraction and companionship, even if not face to face. I would love to provide you with services where I give you my full attention may this be over a phonemail, skypecall or texting. If you want a little naughty distraction let us exchange some intimate fantasies and I will give you personalized footage of exactly what you are looking for...

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Skype Dates

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Texting Dates

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Personalized visuals

30 min - 200 roses

1h - 300 roses 

1.5h 400 roses

2h - 500 roses 

add 50 roses for sexy time 


30 min - 70 roses

1h texting - 100 roses 

1.5h texting - 150

2 hour texting - 200 roses 


30 mins sexting - 100 roses

1h sexting - 150 roses

1.5 h sexting - 200 roses

2h sexting - 250 roses


3 pictures - 80 roses 

5 pictures - 100 roses 

8 pictures - 150 roses 

10 pictures - 200 roses 


1min video - 100
2min video - 150
3min video - 200
4 min video - 250
5min video - 300

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